Jim M.

Dr. Matta was very helpful to me and my situation. Although I did not see him for long, it was clear that he was very knowledgeable, present, and caring about my situation and how it was affecting me. And he was right… I landed on my feet and am doing better now than I ever have been.

Wendy A.

Great Doctor to see. His demeanor makes you feel comfortable and at ease.


Being a child of an alcoholic, I felt worthless as a child and scarred as an adult. After the birth of my child, it seemed to open the door of realization of the mental and physical abuse I had sustained. How could anyone mistreat a beautiful and loving child? In my twenties, I spiraled into depression, anxiety, panic attacks and an onset of agoraphobia. In and out of therapy, I sort of put a Band-Aid on my wounds over and over again until I met Dr. Matta. Dr. Matta has provided me the tools to heal and over time I have come to understand that I am the one in control of my mind and I am the one who can stop the downward spiral. If it weren’t for Dr. Matta I would have never found my way through this overwhelming maze.

Moving forward, I continue to learn, and understand my feelings and I thank God every day for bringing Dr. Matta into my life.

Joseph J.

Prior to initiating counseling with Dr Matta, I really didn’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with my stress, anxiety and depression. By following the coping and principals that I learned from Dr Matta, I learned how to take charge of my emotional life. I now realize that happiness is a choice. When I look back on it, its amazing how easy it is to take positive lasting changes, when you know how to do it.