Marriage counseling can address many issues; however, it focuses on how the couple organizes the space between each other. Marital difficulties primarily have to do with the couples inability or refusal to “organize problem-solving conversations.” There will always be issues in a marriage; financial, raising children, job stress, in-laws, etc.

Couples need to learn how they organize space between themselves and how to approach each other to solve their problems in a healthy and efficient way. In fact, a recent study found that 96% of the time the way a discussion begins can predict the way it will end.

The first thing I tell couples is that “I take the side of the relationship”. I am here to enhance the relationship. Below are a list of some of the topics that are discussed in marriage counseling.

  • Guidelines – rules for effective communication
  • Marital fights should not be survival of the fittest
  • Steps to fair fighting
  • Getting what you want and positive exchange
  • You can’t make other change unless you change

Dr. Matta recently had a book published on marriage and couples counseling. For further information regarding the book, click on; critically acclaimed book, Relationship Sabotage.

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