Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is purely a biological disorder and not a result of child-rearing. Attention Deficit Disorder can present with or without Hyperactivity symptoms. These symptoms of ADD without Hyperactivity are subtle and may be difficult to identify.

Major symptoms of ADD without Hyperactivity are:

  • Often loses things
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Easily distracted by extraneous stimuli
  • Unable to complete tasks
  • Forgetful and unorganized
  • Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly

Quite often, ADD children have above average intelligence even though they are labeled as poor students. The disorder is hereditary, and is three times more common in boys than girls.

Children and youth with Attention Deficit Disorder often have serious problems in school. Often they are hyperactive, impulsive, get poor grades and have disciplinary problems.

Some of Counseling Associates of Medford ADD programs treatment options include:

  • Behavioral modifications techniques
  • Relaxation and focusing techniques
  • Organization and social skills enhancement
  • Family counseling

Counseling Associates of Medford is a resource center for educators and guidance counselors who would like to know more about ADD, or learn how to better manage and help the ADD student in the classroom.

We are also available for in-service seminars.

Our ADD treatment program includes a counseling session with the family, evaluation of the family dynamics. Individual diagnostic testing of the child, as well as a review of evaluations and observations of parents, teachers and guidance personnel. Included in the assessment are evaluations of aptitude tests, report cards and other pertinent information supplied by the school. Upon completion, parents are informed of the results and are advised of treatment options.