For years Counseling Associates of Medford has provided family counseling to many local school districts.

Counseling Associates of Medford has assisted a number of schools by implementing a School Based Collaboration with Families Program. Specifically, we act as an adjunct to guidance and/or the child study team; when a student is having problems we involve the family in the process to help find solutions to the problem. Often, parents are more willing to participate in the guidance and counseling process when an external professional can assist with positive behavior change.

At Counseling Associates of Medford we believe the family functions within a unit and that a child’s challenges within the school system should be addressed within a family context. Involving the family within the context of the problem has led Counseling Associates of Medford to many successful cases throughout our history as a counseling office. Family involvement is essential because the acting-out behavior often maintains the operation of the family and is a signal that the family is in an abnormal state. Throughout our history we have witnessed how the family functions as a positive mechanism for change and will work to meet the client’s needs through the context of a family unit.

The School Board Collaborating with Families Program is low cost because we are only at the school for a short period of time, but it is extremely effective. We have found the counseling professionals at the schools to welcome our assistance.