Section I. The Solution
1. Understanding the Nature of Change
2. Conquering the Fear of Change
3. Our Thoughts Affect Our Bodies, Our Bodies Affect Our Lives
4. Change Thoughts of Resistance and End the Resistance
5. Get What You Want by Changing Inwardly
6. A Clinically Proven Method to Empower Change
7. Mindfulness is a Powerful Tool for Emotional Resetting

Section II. The Blueprint for Change and Happiness
8. Taking Charge of Your Anxiety
9. Taking Charge of Your Depression and Guilt
10. Taking Charge of Making a Better Marriage
11. Taking Charge of Your Children
12. Taking Charge of an Abusive Relationship

A. Rules for Speakers and Listeners
B. Step parenting
C. Components of Intimacy
D. Checklist of Ten Cognitive Distortions
E. Body System Malfunctions Due to Anxiety

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