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  • You will be enlightened with recent scientific evidence that our thoughts have actual physical properties that can “make us, or break us.”  Our thoughts determine whether we are depressed or happy, calm or stressed out, having feelings of peace and tranquility or ridden with guilt, anxiety or panic
  • You will learn how to “emotionally-reset” yourself by controlling your emotions or feelings by controlling your thoughts
  • In essence, you will learn, “when we change, it changes the way we view things, and the things we view change.”The Solution: A Blueprint for Change & Happiness focuses on the four pivotal laws   including The Law of Resistance, “change the thought(s) that created the resistance, and there is no more resistance,” to achieving one’s goals.The book is strategically divided into two intriguing sections. Section One: The Solution, consisting of Chapter I through altering techniques proven to be more effective than medication.  Section Two: A Blueprint for Change & Happiness, Chapter IX through XIII, will show the reader how to apply the four laws of cognitive restructuring techniques to specific problems in their lives, as well as improving their marriage, relationships and how they raise their children
  • You will be introduced to the powerful modality of mindfulness. Mindfulness will reinforce the laws, concepts, and practices described in the book. Mindfulness can be a powerful life altering tool for changing habitual emotional responses that sabotage one’s ability to think clearly, act responsibly and live a meaningful productive life.


  • I have been a psychotherapist in private practice and a college psychology professor for over 23 years. In my practice, I have applied a variety of these techniques to help my clients deal with a number of problems including: depression, stress, anxiety, marriage, childrearing and toxic relationships. As a result of this experience, I have found some of the clinical modalities to be extremely effective, while others to yield minimal benefits. During counseling sessions I often supplement therapy with self-help books. Unfortunately, all too often, my clients comment that the books are too technical, boring, or not practical.
  • I decided to write The Solution: A Blueprint for Change & Happiness for two reasons:
  • The laws and principles outlined in the book have been scientifically and clinically proven to produce quick, long lasting, positive results, and
  • The book has been written in a user-friendly, modern, upbeat, stimulating format. The goal is to enlighten and inspire a reader to implement permanent change to take charge of their life.


  • The Solution: A Blueprint for Change & Happiness stands apart from other self-help books because it is uniquely organized and presented in a modern, easy to read, fast paced tempo that actually enlightens and motivates the reader to come to the realization of how easy it is to transform their lives forever
  • In addition to providing real-life case scenarios, the book includes, in the beginning of major topics, a boldly printed inspirational quote to facilitate change on both the intellectual and emotional level
  • The Solution: A Blueprint for Change & Happiness has been professionally endorsed by two psychiatrists, a clinical psychologist, and a clinical social worker

Peer Reviews

Karen Y. Mechanic MD, Director of Psychiatry Fox Chase Cancer Center

As a psychiatrist, I find Dr. Matta’s book, The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness, to be clinically sound, therapeutic and insightful. His book provides easy to apply techniques to help patients emotionally reset themselves, deal with stress, depression, anxiety; and to implement permanent change to help people take control of their lives. The book should be a must read for patients and is also a helpful resource for mental health professionals.

Thomas O’Reilly, MD, Medford Family Psychiatry

The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness is well thought out and practical. Dr. Matta’s description of mindfulness is clear, concise and useful. It helps clients understand why mindfulness is such a powerful tool in creating happiness and feeling more present in one’s life.

Ellinor R. Burke, Ph.D., Psychologist at Cumberland Health Services

I have known Dr. Matta for 7 years and I am pleased to endorse his recently published book The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness. He has had remarkable success in treating stress, anxiety and depression. By following the practical and clinically proven therapeutic 4 principles outlined in the book, the reader will learn not only to emotionally reset themselves, they will learn to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life.

I feel it is a must read self—help book, for both the general public and mental health professionals.


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