• Preface
  1. What People Bring to Counseling is Often Not the Real Problem
  2. The Unconscious Mind–Friend or Foe?
  3. The Mixture of Unconscious Forces & Childhood Wounds Can be Lethal to a Marriage
  4. Your Family Problems May Have Started Back in Medieval Times.
  5. Unconscious Forces Can Destroy Not Only Relationships but Whole Families
  6. People Who Feel Divorced but are Still Married
  7. Games People Play in Relationships
  8. Organizing Problem Solving Conversations
  9. Extra-Marital Affairs: Silence, Secrets, and Self-Disclosure – Ed Igle
  10. Addictions–A Vain Attempt to Make Us Feel Whole – Daniel Hoffman
  11. Our Nervous System and Relational Problems
  12. Emotional Detachment: The Ultimate Relationship Destroyer
  13. So What Now?

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