According to, “Relationship Sabotage” is ranked among the top 20, relationship books.

People often get divorced or destroy relationships and they don’t even know why? The statement may sound spectacular but I assure you it is true!

This disturbing reality is the pivotal concept of my book. “Relationship Sabotage: Unconscious Factors That Destroy Couples, Marriages, and Family.”

As a licensed Marriage & Family therapist, in private practice, I observe first-hand how “hidden imprints” play havoc on relationships that destroy couples; and especially children. The book uncovers why so many people carry a psychological need to sabotage their relationship.

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Peer Reviews

Dr. Judy Kuriansky – internationally renowned media/radio TV psychologist

“What you don’t know can hurt you! Fortunately, Dr Matta brings these unconscious dynamics to light in this engaging and refreshing insight into how to solve relationship problems by becoming aware of the underlying issues that escape the conscious mind.”

W.P. Anderson, emeritus, University of Missouri — Columbia

Matta redirects clients and therapists attention to the importance of unconscious factors that impact couples and families. Many chapters provide exercises that people in troubled relationships can use to improve their relationships. Although mainly written as a self-help book, this title will also be useful to those in marriage counseling training. It is recommended for students, professionals, and general readers.